Saturday, August 22, 2009

Did You Know? 3.0

The answer to that question is, a gigantic no.To know that India and China are producing numbers off the charts in terms of population, honor kids and even the number of babies born in fives minutes all exceeds America. To my understanding, I thought myspace has just recently began in the past three years or so, and yet it has 200 million registered users today.With the way the economy is now, I see how they were able to project that by the age of 38 a person will have had between 10-14 jobs. Everything keeps changing and evolving quickly into a new area to the point of job positions we have not even heard of will be among us soon and those jobs will be in very high demand. With our wave of communication over the past 50 yrs or so, it took radio 38 yrs to reach a market of 50 million versus an ipod it only took 2 years. This is a in your face count of how far we really have come.
Back in the early nineties Internet was something brand new,especially to families,a new world and every one was experiencing it. Yet today Internet is everywhere from homes,work,schools and cell phones. Internet has rapidly changed all of us dramatically. Especially in the school system of the world, such as now the Internet is basically a large part of the curriculum . For instance, this class I am taking now, EDM 310 Microcomputing, almost every aspect is online. Such as making blogs and learning how to create podcasts, videos and other forms of presentation skills to the world and uploading them to the blogs. It is a necessity for all educators to work and operate a computer from using word documents, power point and the audio and visual aids techniques from online that help relate substance of a particular subject in a better and more willingness to learn atmosphere. I think that students learn and retain information/knowledge much better if their is a hands on activity. Therefore they take the knowledge and instruction about a subject and then they use that information to apply it, to really gain this is how it works.

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