Friday, August 21, 2009

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

WOW!! Vicki Davis has done a tremendous job. It was cool to witness that type of technology and teaching taking place in just a rural area. Which I hope will give inspiration to all students and teachers to know that you do not allow your environment to dictate the hopes, dreams and wonderful experiences you can have in your life. I especially loved when she said, "you do not have to know everything in order to teach it". I think that says a lot, that we as future teachers should not try to override our brains with all the information. For we learn each and every day and in that process it makes it worth teaching when you can learn with your students. It gives them the example that you never truly stop learning, no matter what you profession may be.
The idea of learning through technology like this, I think is brilliant. What do all kids over the world know about? Computers. For the past two decades these students have grown up with either a computer at home or at least access to one in the schools and libraries. Children are fascinated with technology, for it gives the sense of urgings to learn all they possibly can about it. I personally grew up with a computer at home and every day I most definitely was learning all about email accounts and instant messaging. I thought it was so cool that I could write a letter or have a conversation with someone and they would receive it within in minutes, all through the use of technology. Technology is indeed the wave of the future and we as future educators need to know we must learn our students and adapt the curriculum in a way that leads to a investigation of the mind to learn and not just using a test on paper with a pencil. We all indeed learn differently, which makes each and every one of us truly special.


  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about what we're doing in my class! You can see my student blogs from last year over at and they do some amazing work!

    I think what you hit on in the last paragraph is very important. "We must adapt the curriculum in a way that leads to an investigation of the mind to learn and not just using a test on paper with a pencil."

    It is those teachers who are empowered to adapt to be "teacherpreneurs" as I like to say, that will truly be successful and this is very contingent upon schools ALLOWING this to happen - with increasing standardization, there is less room for teachers to be creative and to adapt the curriculum.

    Excellent insight!

  2. Oh, and you might want to check on my blog this wednesday - you've inspired me to write a post about you.