Saturday, August 22, 2009

Next Generation Learning

This kid was pretty good at advertising the many great functions technology has to offer the education system. The video showed how implementing technology at a younger age benefits the child greatly. For starters, creating a website that kids can access to assignments and homework from where ever they may be. Plus parents get the extra bonus of being in contact with the teachers with out always having to do a face to face meeting. The parents can log-on and see what subject their child is studying for the week along with the progress reports of their child. Also as the video excluded that our parents grew up with dusty chalky boards that made a screeching sound when being applied. Learning seemed dull, boring with little room for imagination.Children of today get this aura of Lights, Camera and Action taking place within the walls of a school. Public Schools in the United States should be taking a page out of the Handbook from this school. Using technology at this young age, gives the imagination of a kid another realm to be explored. The implementation of the the Wi game in school is a neat addition. The WI examines your reflexes, speed and flexibility just to name a few. The really is a cool feature that can be used with just about all subject areas of a curriculum. Recently, the wi program has introduced a new WI Fitness program. This program perhaps could be brought into the schools for physical and health classes.

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