Wednesday, November 4, 2009

At the Teachers Desk

This is a picture of a colorful teachers desk, with a apple on the desk.
The At the Teachers Desk blog seems be very resourceful. One of the members of this blog,Wm Chamberlain, we have had many assignments involving his works and thoughts. Some of the blogs posting I did take a interest to.

This blog is titled"Something That Matters, by Wm Chamberlain. In this post, is a picture of graffiti written on the wall. It says,"I wanna do something that matters". Mr. Chamberlain asks the question, "Is the drive for money the reason that keeps students from doing something that matters. I think this is a very,very good question we should ask ourselves and our peer (future)teachers as well.

Next, Tuesdays with Morrie/Teacher Movies, written by John Lamshed. The blogger writes that deep down we all as in teachers love a good teacher movie. Some suggestions are Dangerous Minds, The Ron Clark Story, To Sir with Love and Tuesdays with Morrie. Two of these movies listed, I have already watched before. They really are great inspirational stories of how hope and determination can eventually win out.

A third blog, Teachers 2.0 by Jarrod Lamshed, expresses the need for teachers to keep learning. I agree that teachers must be learning everyday. Must be willing to explore and investigate. Learning different strategies to help students learn better and feel confident about themselves. As the blogger states, its time to be voted off the island , if you think you have nothing more to learn in your teaching career after some of point of teaching.Other blogs that seem of good interset are Using skype to connect ESOL students with Foreign Language Students and Teachers need to become social networking experts.

This collaborative professional blog is really a good, fun, and resourceful idea to be available to teachers. This blog allows teachers to vent about the current issues facing education, issues going on with their own class and material that may be of use to others. The blog also gives an outlet for teachers to show what new features, gadgets and technology assignments/programs that are really making headway in their classes.

To view At the Teachers Desk, just click above on the name in the title section.

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