Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why is it important for students to post their work to the Web?

This a picture showing the campus of Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University in Normal,Alabama. With the school's symbol on the left.

For this assignment, my fellow classmates are to tell why its important for students to post their work to the web. I really believe that technology has and will be a significant part of children's future. We need to learn about this technology and what better way than to learn in school. Students are assigned research projects, journal entries, in class activities- such as conflict resolution and teamwork. Why not have students work available on-line? This is another way for teachers to be held accountable for providing the materials and work needed to help the students learn. Reading the assignments on line can help the parents can gain quicker access to how and what their children are learning. Keeps them up to speed on the progress as well.

From this class, I have been introduced to blogs,podcast, videocast, iGoogle,and Google it self. These tools of communicating, I think have and will continue to be very valuable to me whether or not I teach. Which I think is a major benefit. Students can use blogs to gain feedback from other students and teachers around the world. Many students need to practice their writing skills. Writing is subject I think is slipping through the cracks compared to science and math subjects being emphasized on.

Podcast and Videocast also help students post their own work through audio and video technology. Students are able to formulate ideas and topics to be discuss, practice techniques of presentation and learn the logistics of working with audio and camera materials. Students can watch how others around the world respond to their work. This offers support through others giving positive and constructive criticism.

Also from this class, I am glad I was introduced to Sir Ken Robinson:The Importance of Creativity and Michael Wesch: A vision of students today video's and had the opportunity to write my opinion about them. Last but certainly no least, the Comment4kids(Mrs.Gorend's Classroom) assignment my fellow classmates and I have recently been assign, has indeed been rewarding to offer my feedback to students around the country on their friendly letter writing and other assignments.

Inspiring students to promote their work can help them in the long run in terms adding another asset to gaining acceptance into college. Just a thought!!!

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