Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Toward A New Future of Whatever- Michael Wesch

This is picture of the earth with microphones reaching up to the globe, like in a press conference type of scenario. The heading reads Media Emgerging or changing

This assignment has my fellow classmates and I looking at a video by Michael Wesch. The video mostly is centered around media and the connections through how we are using it and the changes that have come. An example he give is how our conversations are mediated- through web cams, such as using you tube or skype. This has changed the way we speak and present our selves to others. We are not speaking directly in person and language(verbally)/body language can be transferred differently than how you act face to face.

Technology is great for use in so many ways. Yet, we have to be careful as future teachers and as individuals using this technology to not allow it to overtake us. Some things still work better when handled in person. We can't alllow technology to overtake us and replace the human feelings that can easily get lost.

I know personally, I am a fan of technology. I have just recently found out about skype. A free software that allows you to video chat with someone else. You can either make a Internet phone call or do a video chat. I am currently in the market for a web cam. I intend to mostly use this technology to communicate with family members far and near to me. I am not too comfortable with making a you tube video or posting of that kind. Yet I can say that for this class, for a group project, I had the pleasure of doing a podcast on the topic of Interesting Internet Sites for High School Teachers. This week it is now available for listening to on itunes. It was initially supposed to be videocast, but do to technical malfunctions it ended up being a podcast. For anyone interested in listening to it, you can subscribe to it on itunes. Yes, it is FREE!! It is under Alexis Taylor and Ashley Lambert Podcast. You probably would have to search under Dr. Strange's name or University of South Alabama to narrow down the search. Technology does has its up's and down's, but you have find the balance.

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  1. Great job Ashley. Glad to hear you plan to use Skype. Please check your spelling. Dr. Strange, not Srange's (next to last sentence) and the last sentence Technology, not Technolgoy. Keep up the good work.