Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Its Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines

This is a picture of black and white version of a teacher writing on a chalk board back iin the early fifies.

This by far, I would have to say is the third best blog assignment I have had since enrolling in this class. Ms. Hines put a different outlook as many people around me have been saying that we need embrace technology and bring head strong into the class room. I agree that educators must be teachers as well as learners. We all learn, teach and express ourselves differently. Therefore we must continue to have a passion for learning,even though most teachers go into a specialized of education. Teachers must continue to not let up and enforce the different frameworks that makes student do critical thinking and basically figure things out for themselves. This will help students out in the long run, just like Kelly Hines said. I also like the fact that Hines pointed out that most teachers with computers in their rooms only know how utilize them with games and word processors activities.

Yet, teachers are saying they want or need labtops, ipods and more digital video equipment. I think comments about we need to develop new ways of teaching the information to the students. If the student is not understanding/comprehending the information then no matter how times we go over the lesson, the teachers has not done all he or she can. I can remember back in high school, how one of my teachers would introduce a new lesson on Monday and by Wednesday if you have not understood then he was moving on and it was up too you to seek out help. Whats the point of schools buying the different updated material of technology if the instructor is not going to be willing to learn how operate it properly and then actually use it in the classroom.. Many teachers want the technology yet they do not want to take the extra time to attend seminars of such to help better learn of the use of the technology.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my blog post. I love your insight. I am curious though. What were your 1st two favorite assignments? :)