Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"What I've learned this year" by Mr. McClung

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Well, I can't imagine how my first year of teaching will be. Yet, I can say I will probably be really anxious and overwhelmed for the first couple of weeks. Even though I will also be young and inexperienced as well, I can learn with my students and vice verse for them. In my education for a diverse society class, I get the feeling of how easy it would be to be so focused on the lesson and yet not making the information focus on the students. I think Mr. Clung was right on his assessment that teachers need to be flexible, have good communication skills and not to be afraid of technology. Things are hardly ever going to go as planned in a classroom and you have to be prepared to suck it up and move on with a smile on your face. Students are observant of their teachers and can detect unpleasantness within the scheduling of work assignment and other things as well affecting the teacher.

I am glad Mr. McClung talk about not being afraid of technology. He equated that grown adults everywhere are afraid of computers like its a bad horror film and computers are trying to take over the world. I like his philosophy on the matter, yet I tend to think its more of the older adults that are afraid to learn and implement technology into their classrooms. We as future educators can forget what's its like to be student and the teacher is not listening to you. Most of all know how that feels and the hurt it can potentially cause. I agree with Mr.McClung that we will never stop learning in life no what your profession may be.

What I've learned this Year

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