Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NPR Wickipedia and Virgil Griffith Story

This is picture of Virgil Griffithn.

WOW. Wickipedia is not a reliable source. I have been using Wickipedia every since the beginning of 2004. This brings so many concerns from all of my previous research assignment I have used this source with. Why would someone come up with a something like this and name it an enclyopedia.I applaude Virgil Griffith for building a search tool that traces IP addresses of those who make Wickipedia changes. Frankly, I think only the site's administrator should be allowed to edit any information. This makes Wikipedia completely unreliable. Until doing this assignment, I probably might have never known about how unsafe and totally useless Wikipedia is. I am glad that Mr. Griffith has at least help with tracking those that aim to cause confusion or harm in terms of deleting or adding false information on the site.I encourage everyone to check out NPR blog on Wickipedia and this article about Mr. Virgil Griffith's search tool.This is a valuable lesson in how we as student and educators should more thorough with our research sites on the Internet.

NPR blog on Wickipedia


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  1. Excellent review Ashley. Google Scholar and the available databases from the library, in my opinion, are your best research sources.