Saturday, September 5, 2009

Producing a Podcast / Benefits of having Podcasting in the Classroom

Producing a Podcast
This post was more on the technical aspect of podcasting. Initializing more whether or not there was interest and enthusiasm in the students voices. Was learning and pride there as well. This post was experimenting with the different types of recordings would work best with different age groups. Such as scripted recordings, unscripted recordings,individual recording and portable mp3 recorder just to name a few. This post also showed that there is a lot that goes into making a successful podcast. You have to come up with theme,prepare the students, sound equipment and transitions. This is a minimal look at the different strategy's that goes into place.

Benefits of having podcasting in the classroom
This video was very helpful in showing the positive of having podcast in the classroom. One effective way is if a student is sick and has an test coming up and can't go to school, then the teacher could upload the study guide to iTunes to listen to. Also, I think in history class,things for students could be at times a little boring. A teacher could assign certain history events that took place and have the students interact the events via podcast and then allow to be played for the class.This way the students are engaging in new technology and being interested in an event that will be memorable and learning at the same time. Also through the use of podcast and videocast parents can see what their children are involved in.

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