Thursday, September 10, 2009

Michael Wesch: A vision of students today

This is a picture of a classroom with black and whtie students with laptops on their desk.

My reaction to this video is a little bit of wow, I actually do spend than amount of time on facebook. some of the topics shown do or have depicted part of my college experience. Every time I enroll for a new class, I think how much will I learn and need for the real world. I don't even want to think let alone write down how much in debt I will be when I finish school. Its pretty much in your face when there are over a billion people making less than two dollars a day and yet I have laptop, ipod, cell phone and gadgets that the price of these would cover their expenses for a year or so. At times I have felt, why am I here, I should actually be out in the field, experiencing the concepts and applying them. This is we would really see the benefits of what we studied.
We as students spend on average doing majority of out class work and leisure time using technology of some kind. Technology as shown in the video, that is supposed to save us. I think technology can only take you so far. You will still have to rely on your self. To make the video more related to my experience, I could add more diverse students to be depicted. Give more statistics on what students experience outside of the classroom that does play an effect on their studies. From a video producer point of view, I would have less movement of the camera and better zoom footage in some areas.

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  1. Good job. Please proof read the first paragraph. Some sentences do not quite make since and the first word of a sentence begins with a capital letter ;)