Saturday, September 5, 2009

Podcast from previous students

This podcast had a lot of movement going in the background. The microphone was picking up different volume levels. The students lack any excitement about the use of iTunes. I could really tell they were reading exactly off paper and not initializing any conversation dialogue to be generated through listening. The students also were breathing too close to the microphone. I would have definitely practice a lot with my group and use note cards instead of having large sheets of paper around. I would have been more up beat about my subject in order to gain a real interest in my podcast for others.
I think it would also be best to not use words such "um" and others when talking. We could offer links to get further information from our topic. My group also could pick a suitable person with a good personality that would like to take the lead. The would ensure that everyone had an equal or size able time to talk as well. Basically,we would need to have practiced and try not to be so nervous. These suggestions I think will really help out when its my turn to create a podcast/videocast.

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