Sunday, September 13, 2009

Karl Fisch: Is it okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher?

This is a picture of a green laptop with pink and green desings.

Well, I must say at first, I was thinking where is he going to go with this. Yet as he mention how he read another person blog about the a similar topic and having had a frustrated day,I understand where he is coming from. I can honestly say that one of my parents still does not know about email accounts and the general functions of computer such as using Microsoft PowerPoint. My parent barely knows how to even turn on my laptop whenever I go home. I really have to agree that it is unacceptable for educators and society in general for people not to know how use the basics of technology. Really how we as future educators supposed to be effective in teaching students without implementing technology with it. Seriously, we all learn by DOING. I n the long run, it would much more effective if the teacher was actually interested in learning about PowerPoint presentations, ipods and videocast while also introducing the technology to the students. This way both parties will be learning and working together.

I can remember how math is the essential, oh its okay that you don't math. I remember having those same thoughts back in middle and part of high school. Math is one of those subjects for some students that can be intimidating. Educators who refuse to get involve in the technology wave are simply preventing students to be prepared for this wave of technology that is coming. You can not simply keep just sliding by in life. You have to work at everything- that's important to you. No college, job interview, on job training skill session and social networking does not involve technology. Illiterate teachers who refuse to learn technology and teach there students about are simply leading their students to be slithered by technological advances that have ye to be even put on the market. Yet we all have to work at it, just like learning how to read and creating a facebook/ twitter accounts. Its a work in progress and educators need to engage in this learning experience.

Karl Hines

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  1. Great job Ashley. Please correct your first sentence and get rid of that dreaded "i" midway down first paragraph. I like the list on the side. Keep up the good work.