Friday, October 2, 2009

Google Earth - Christie Alice

This is a picture of the words Google Earth in colored coded.

The Google Earth tour was pretty amazing. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. I encouraged all to check out Dr. Christe's Google Earth tour. A view of the top of St.Petersburg Rome was beautiful. Touring amazing places around the world is definitely a experience we all should take, especially bringing the joy to students in the classroom. Their are a few levels of Google Earth in regards to how much it cost. The first level-Google Earth is a free version, Google Earth Plus cos 20 dollars annually and Google Earth Pro which for commercial use, costs 400 dollars annually as well.

Reading Dr. Christie's site, she says that using google earth in the classroom will open students interest in exploring the world,help visualize and share what they have learned with others and also help enhance map reading and navigation skills.The site also can help the students become creative in how to help the earth's natural resources from being evaporated. Also exposing the students to different environments and visualizing the harmful affects of choices we as a people make, that are not good for our planet.The Google Earth basically could be a good tool for promoting tips and affects of going green and making better decisions.The Google Earth site offers tutorials for teachers and students and a discovery channel link with Google Earth.I really feel this site could offer the students a visual to the phrase many of use, "its whole new world out their waiting to be explore". As we know, keeping students attention and interest is really hard to maintain and Google Earth enhance in succeeding at that, while also being educational developmental for the students.

Dr. Alice Christie

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  1. Excellent reviews Ashley. Please correct Dr. Christie's first name in your web link. Keep up the good work.