Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comment4kids Valley Wood Tech Class

This is picture of a group of kids circle around each other.

This is another comment4kids post. For this week, my assignment is with the Valley Wood Tech Class.I have started to really enjoy this comment4kids program. I think is a great way to my fellow classmates enhance their blog/comments techniques while giving a kid good feedback and encouragement on his/her blog. If any one would like to comment or just view some the kids blogs, here is the link Valley Wood Tech. This time the student, Merred, blog was about Mario and Luigi new game that was just released. I told him how I remember playing SuperMario games when I was younger. I also said that the SuperMario game will probably be the best game I ever play.I ask Merred to continue to bring his audience the newly updates of Mario and Luigi and future games/software.

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