Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comments 4 Kids!!! Mr. Goerend's Classroom

This is a animated picture of teacher and her students going over math lessons.

For this project, I had to participate in Comment4Kids by posting at least 5 comments on blog sites of kids throughout the world. For my class, we were assigned to Mr. Goerend's Classroom. Therefore, below is five of the student's blogs I selected and a very brief summary of what the students blogs were about. All of the student's blogs were very interesting and with great descriptive story telling. Every one did a great job!!

How embarrassment turned into an international holiday was my first post by a student. This student talked about how a guy who dyed his hair and how it did not turn out so well. The next day the guy was sprinting and his hat fell off. of course he was embarrassed and his friend decided to call this day, International Sprint Like a Cheeta Day. His friend did his best to dispel lessen the embarrassment. I think this was a nice short story of how friends help each other out.

For Ashley's blog post,International Act Like a Monkey Day was very interesting and imaginative. Her blog was about a group of friends watching a movie and once it was over, one friend started acting like a monkey. So they went outside and decided to get the neighborhood involved with monkey ways. This is how International Act like a Monkey day was established.I told Ashley to keep up the good work.

For Mason's blog post, The Waukee White Ravens was very likable and interesting. His blog post was the great plays of football game and the different ways the main person in the story helped the team win the game. He goes step by step, listing his the different pieces of his uniform and having pride in his leading of the warm up stretches before the game. I told him to coming with the game details and keep up the good work.

For Zach's blog post, The Waukee Ankney Game was about what's its like to be a fan watching the excitement of the Ankney Hawks win the game. I told Zach that his story was very descriptive and he should always proofread his work.

For Sara's blog post, she talked about the battle scene from Harry Potter's The Deathly Hallows. I told her I am fan of Harry Potter yet, I do not read the books. I also said her good sneak peeks into the book has encouraged me to take a second glance at reading the book.

For anyone who would like to take a look at Mr. Goerend's Classroom Blog, here is the link
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