Monday, October 19, 2009

Personal Learning Network

This is a picture of the planet earth with stick figure people holding hands surround the picture of earth. The stick figure people are in different colors.

What a difference it could make having PLN ?

This assignment required us to create a Personal Learning Network.This is basically how we could communicate with others world wide through blogs, facebook, twitter, and others networking outlets. You are learning new ideas, techniques, gaining other people's viewpoint on important topics to you. Follow people on their blogs, facebook and etc.. that talk about the similar topics of interest to you and then ask question and simply keep digging and digging.I am interested in variety of topics. Therefore, not everyone below comments would be on the same topics or discussion. As Dr.Strange would say in his handout, "we are lot like detectives".

On twitter, I am following Kelly Hines and decided to check out her website.Kelly Hines is a 4th grade teacher in Washington,North Carolina. She provides staff development for teachers. She has a website Two of Kelly's top blogs are relating to 10 reasons she loves teaching and if no textbooks, then what? I came across a blog Kelly wrote talking about how PLN is redefined. I was gee, this what my assignment is about. She goes on to say how she was thrilled to find other educators who thrived on conversations related to technology,teaching and learning.She firmly believes every one should have PLN. I ended up commenting on her and told her I was new to the PLN club and I feel that PLN is a good tool for helping teachers to be better.The name of Kelly Hines website is Keeping Kids First. If you would like to visit, just click on the name of the site.

Through my connection on twitter, I have the opportunity to look at interesting topics or ideas that William Chamberlain posts. I was able to ask him the question of How important do you think parents knowledge of technology affects their child's learning ability about technology? His response is that parents knowledge is helpful when they share that knowledge with their child. I don't think its necessary,though. He also say,"I think it is probably about access at home to computer's and how the students use them that really makes a difference. I thanked Mr. Chamberlain for answering my question.

Through my connection Facebook, I asked Kecia Lambert, a Teaching Aid Assistant who is pursuing her master's degree in Elementary Education, How do you feel technology should be implemented in the classroom? She responded saying, technology plays an important role in the student learning in the classroom today. Implementing technology in the classroom will help students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge setting. Technology changes the way teachers teach, to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple means. When it is effectively integrated into all subject areas, teachers grow into roles of advisor, content expert, and coach. I thanked Ms. Lambert for her taking the time to respond to my question.

On my EDM 310 Blog,my personal learning network person is Vicki A.Davis. We are also folowing each other on twitter. Vicki A. Davis is en educator in Camilla Georgia. She is a Tech Learning blogger and hasco-authored project such as the Flat Classroom Project and Digiteen Project. In my class we had an earlier assignment which entailed watching a video titled Harness Your Student's Digital Smartsby Vicki A.Davis. We also had to write on Ms. Davis' Blog letting her know I watched the video and that my thoughts would be publish on my blog. Ms. Davis wrote a comment on my blog about my comments about her video and has been following my EDM310every since then. I was surprised to see that she a interest in my blog enough to write a comment. She thanked me for sharing my thoughts about what she was doing in her class. She also mention a piece from blog post saying that she thought what mentioned in my last paragraph is very important.
"We must adapt the curriculum in a way that leads to an investigation of the mind to learn and not just using a test on paper with a pencil."
After reading my blog, Ms. Davis says she was inspired by my comment about her blog post and told me she was going write a blog post about me. You can read her blog post about me at her website Cool Cat Teacher .

Through my connection on Facebook, I asked Shanel Pruitt, a Grad student at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia,who is pursuing her Master's in Public Health. I asked her how important do you think parents knowledge of technology affects their child's learning ability about technology? Ms. Pruitt says that many parents are technologically challenged. they do not know the first thing about operating a computer, cell phone, or any other device. However, just because they don't know doesn't mean that their child doesn't know. Children learn a lot of their skills at school, either through a class or their peers. If a parent knows about the technology than they will most likely share it with their child and help to further develop their knowledge. I told Ms. Pruitt that she made some really good points. Everyone perspective is different.

Through my connection on Facebook, I asked Ms. Nikita Kelly how do you feel technology should be implemented in the classroom? Ms. Kelly is one the millions Americans currently unemployed and yet is still fiercely determined to come out of the other side a winner of this economy. Ms. Kelly seems to be a very opinionated person and I felt like she would be someone to have in my Personal Learning Network. In my opinion, you have to be diverse and open to a different range of people who also have different backgrounds and viewpoints from yours. So, Ms. Kelly says that a lot of family's do not have access to computer at home. Technology in the classroom is important because children should be able to learn the basic skills of how a computer is operated. Starting in elementary school, at least one computer should be in a classroom where children may have access & be able to research information. Having a computer or any kind of technology is asking a lot from a schools budget, especially in the urban communities. If instructors/teacher have access to one form of computer equipment in the classroom to individually show a student the basics of a computer literacy. Also, using a projection screen to show the whole classroom the procedure. I definitely appreciate Ms.Kelly's opinion and will continue to ask questions and watch out for her post and links.

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  1. Excellent work Ashley. I hope you continue to keep in touch with these individuals once you begin teaching.