Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Richard Miller's This Is How We Dream

This is a picture of an astronaut in space standing on the moon. At the bottom of the picture,it says

At first, I really was not able to follow his talk. The video definitely could have been better and also little more personal by showing his face instead of just hearing his voice. I think Multimedia is fascinating and important in helping students grow and learn. Reading and writing are still important for students to develop the fundamentals of learning effectively. Even though I am fascinated by Multimedia, I do not think educators or parents should ease up on the importance of reading and writing. I think many of us, not purposely have made reading boring, and least relevant based on educators and parents would only enforce reading through a book in a child's face just for academic reasoning, such as for standardized testing.
Reading takes you places that makes dreams exciting, adventurous and even scary at times. Learning to properly place your thoughts in an organized fashion is essential with and without this fast paced technology we face each and every day.
At this point, I do not necessary consider myself prepared to write multimedia. Yet, I will do my best to research and take necessary workshops/classes to prepare myself and introduce it to my students to it as well.

For Richard Miller says"we live in a time that has communication at the speed of a bullet going on every hour around the world. to better prepare our students, stems back to whether or no teachers want to be technologically literate or just stay illiterate. If we as educators are not willing to learn, then we are doing an injustice to our students. Multimedia is something that will need a lot of support from educators and students, yet we all must work together.

Richard Miller's This Is How We Dream

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