Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Networked Student by: Wendy Drexler

A drawing of the words Lets Network.

This video was packed with valuable information about establishing and maintaining a Personal Learning Network(PLN). I think this is another tool used for online learning classes. Just another way to establish without the teacher being present in a classroom and lecturing. This way the student is actually really searching to find the information and dissecting it along the way as he collects.

This was a short and likable video to present this information to us from. The student used the guidance of a teacher to help formulate a curriculum. this student revolved around searching for everything on the Internet. Through PLN, the student made connections with other individuals who had thoughts on his topic and he was able to have a discussion with them through writing on their blogs and so forth.

I am not quite sure, If I am ready to be a networked student. I am so used to having that student-teacher relationship face to face. I think listening and creating podcast would be a good avenue for the student to use in his PLN. Of course using blogging, twitter and facebook also would be beneficial for staying connected for socially and educational purposes as well.

The Networked Student

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