Friday, October 2, 2009

iTunes University

This is a picture of the itunes store main screen.

What is iTunes University purpose? It offers its users the advantage of listening, downloading to the computer and a mobile device. This advantage could be useful in the classroom by the use of science lab demos or the carrying out of an experiment.Now gaining access and listening to some podcast available is free to all. Just simply go the link, and download the software.Such universities listed that use iTunes U are Oxford University, Harvard Extension School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Okay, with iTunes U, you could use podcasting or videocasting for viewing or listening to the news, researching topics for class and even conducting an interview.

iTunes U also a range of information that comes from famous museums, universities and other historical and influential organizations around the world. As a student, I use iTunes to listen to different podcast related to helping me understand podcasting, videocasting, and search for audio links about topics discussed in class. Now for the future teacher in me that is yet to come, I can use podcasting for making assignments and helping students that are unable to attend the classrooms a way to still hear my voice and get the daily assignments just like he/she was in the classroom.This just another one of those really technology resources that can help students and teachers bring learning and interest to a higher level for all

iTunesU University

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