Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Media Literacies

This is a picture of a hand held chalkboard with the words, Lesson 1 written on it.

The new media literacy's is a set of skills we as individuals and collectively as a group of people need to function today, versus may be not so twenty years ago.Children are now considered consumer and future developer of media literacy's. Yes, I do think visualization, multitasking, judgement and collective intelligence are needed to better equip individuals today in the media world. Such as mention in the video, if you are doing a research project and you need to make a judgement call as to rather or not some material is reliable or not. Also ask other students and use your PLN to collect intelligence about sites you should stay away from. I think these are some of the skills needed but not all needed to be artists, citizens and workers of the 21st Century.

Our culture of this media environment is changing every week, so we need to catch up and be tune in as much as possible. Of the skills listed, I think a about four of them, I currently possess. The skills specifically, I think I possess are judgement, multitasking, collective intelligence and maybe performance. I think growing up with a computer in the home and having a parent that was technologically literate allowed me to experiment with these skills at a much younger age and enhance these skills as I went on. I have become enthralled with making videos and slide shows for my family which mostly includes taking and using old pictures and videoing at special functions. I would not mind doing a project that included the color images displayed in this video. I just think it would be cool and neat to do such a video as this was. That's the thing about technology and media literacy's, you can not be afraid to learn and explore them. You have to be open minded and know you are going to make some mistakes along the way.

New Media Literacies by NML Staff

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  1. Excellent job Ashley. Where is my post #4? Keep up the good work.