Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Duke University and Allison Papke's use of ipods in the classroom

This a picture of a black student holding an ipod in for usage with his studies.

This assignment asked us to look for web suggestions or experiences in using iPods in instruction. I first, searched out Duke University's growth in classroom using the iPods, which was a hint given to us to start out with. According to the article, Duke expects 1,200 students to use iPods to enhance classroom materials, lectures or assignments back in 2006. I was very surprised to read that in 2004,Duke distributed free iPods to all first year students for the current academic year and modified it to provide the iPods to undergraduate taking classes that required use of the device. Duke University has said that is goal is to integrate technology broadly into the teaching and learning process. An example, from an economics professor uses the audio component to record her lectures, which students can access and review on their computers or iPods. The instructor calls the iPod "an accessory to the learning process".

My second look at iPods in the class takes from an article about Allison Papke a student in her level 3 practicum stage.The project was based to show how iPods can be used to create an individualized testing experience for students. Papke's says the inspiration for her project was the innovative work done by educators at Louisa-Muscatine Elementary in Letts, Iowa. Basically she put test questions on the iPod and had a voice interaction that would read the questions to the students as many times as needed. This limited the need for pulling the students out of the classroom and allowed them to take the test along with their classmates. Oh, I forgot to mention that this a Special Education student that found a way to make education more enjoyable for special education children without that since of abandonment of being pulled out of the classroom. I think this student came up with a really neat and technological idea to help out her students. This is indeed one the benefits of using iPods and technology in the classroom to help our future students to solve the future problems of tomorrow.

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