Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Father's Guidance in Exploration with Technology lending a Helping Hand!!

This is a picture of a little boy with a magnify glass holder outside exploring the grass and whats below.

Jabiz Qatar is a father who is helping his daughter explore nature with the help of technology. Its amazing how reading a book, an article or listening to a song can inspire someone to do good. To have happy and carefree feelings. Even though I am not a parent, I do applaud Mr. Qatar for introducing his daughter to ask questions and explore the positives of nature. I do think its scary that posting a picture and some quotes from your daughter can be turned into a video created by a someone you don't know.

Also, I sincerely hope that her teachers will be technological literate and will be able to continue helping her on this journey. I do agree that if we want our future students to feel comfortable and be cautious online, you must do the same with your own child or loved ones.

I liked the idea that this young girl is being taught that sometimes if we look at things, even if they are discarded and ugly, they can be beautiful, if we look at them right. I think it was really nice of Mr. Chamberlain to surprise Mr. Jabiz Qatar with a voice thread of his daughter. Being that Kaia is very young and can not read right now, this is even better than just making a video or audio of his students responses. This shows how helpful technology can be and how we can be connected with others around the world. Kaia's seems to be very smart and caring young girl that is looking for the good in everything she explores.
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