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Alex- Alabama Learning Exchange

Alex has tabs addressing courses of study, web links, lesson plans, personal workspace, professional learning and podcast treasury. With my major being Secondary Health Education, I selected that particular link an started with 7th grade. Up comes a list of different lessons an topics to be discussed along with web links and lesson plans for each listed standard. Very helpful for teachers just starting out by providing a list of topics needed to be covered in each grade level.The web link option has links for teacher sources, administrator and student links as well. For example, when I click Health/Physical Ed tab, a long list of links ranging from k-12 offering tools, games an varying information to help me get the Health issues across to my future students in a better and updated approaches. The Professional Learning tab offers websites to find professional development opportunities, teaching and learning tool such as, English Language Learners, and Library Media.

I feel grateful for this assignment for bringing this website to my knowledge. Just scanning through, you can easily see how very helpful this site is. Having web links, lesson plans and podcast all related to your subject area at one website is great. I think for future teachers and those recently starting out, this can really be a good guide to help understand and learn ways to present your lesson in a more organized and adaptive way. I recommend all future/current teachers to use this site as often as possible. This is an excellent tool to helping students and teachers reach their full achievement goals. Learning never stops!! No matter the age!!


This stands for Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide. The history of ACCESS was launched on November 1, 2004. According to ACCESS web page, its goal of the distance learning plan is to create equity through additional educational offerings for all Alabama public high school students.

Accomplishments in the implementation of ACCESS
• Increased enrollments to over 9,000 per year in 174 participating high schools.
• Increased courses available to more than 50 different courses including 5 different foreign languages and 10 different AP courses
• More than 100 teachers have been trained in e-learning course delivery.

The Future of ACCESS

• Provide a 21st century distance learning classroom for every Alabama high school (schools serving grades 9 – 12).

• Have the capacity to serve 45,000 enrollments.

For more information here are the links for both

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